Gender-responsive Council

As the UN specialized agency for ICTs, ITU works to bridge the digital divide and build an inclusive digital society. Including a gender perspective in ITU’s work is essential to ensure that gender equality is a core consideration in ITU’s strategic plans, activities, programmes, and procedures.

Here are some key steps we have taken where you can support us:

  • Ensuring that every stage of the planning is worked from a gender perspective; making participants aware and part of this process.
  • Promoting equal representation of men and women.
  • Improving the participation of women in ITU decision-making processes.
  • Advancing gender mainstreaming in Council outcomes (Resolutions and Decisions).
  • Promoting transparency and accountability through tracking and reporting data and information before, during and after the event.
  • Working to ensure all attendees experience an event free from harassment, sexism, or discrimination by providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, giving women spaces to step up their influence in the decision-making process and networking.

In 2023, ITU celebrates the 25th anniversary of Resolution 70 – affirming ITU’s commitment to include a gender perspective throughout its work and activities.

Learn more about the first women to hold leadership positions in ITU’s statutory bodies and conferences over the past twenty-five years with this timeline.