Working Groups

Council Working Group and Experts Group meetings

Registration to the CWG-FHR meeting, to be held on Monday, 3 June 2024, will open very soon.

NEW! See CL-24/5 to find more information on the three groups created after the CWG-FHR meeting held on
24-26 January 2024 (Group on Oversight Charter, Group on the Financial Regulations and Financial Rules, Group on Resource Mobilization). Deadline for submit your registration: 29 February 2024.

Information on the autumn cluster of CWGs and EGs (normally from 30 September to 11 October 2024) will be detailed in due course.
The first cluster of CWGs and EGs was held from Monday, 22 January to Friday, 2 February 2024 (See the invitation letter CL-23/47).

Each working group’s website is accessible by clicking on the boxes at the bottom of this page.

In line with Council Resolution 1333 (last amended C16), as well as with Decision 11 (Rev. Bucharest, 2022)
of the Plenipotentiary Conference, and following decisions taken at the additional session of Council-23
(19-20 October 2023), the full list of chairs and vice-chairs who have been confirmed for the next cycle of Council Working Groups and Expert Groups until the 2026 Plenipotentiary Conference, can be found here.
The 2024 session of Council will be invited to consider proposals for new candidates for the vacant positions.

Webcast access for the CWGs and EGs in 2024:

For EG-DEC482, CWG-COP, CWG-FHR, EG-ITRs, CWG-WSIS&SDG (TIES access, for Administration Member States and Sector Members):
Webcast archives
For CWG-Lang, CWG-Internet (TIES access restricted, for Administration Member States):
Webcast archives